About Me

I got into the custom mechanical keyboard hobby and found enjoyment in modifying my own switches as a fun pastime. I noticed a gap in the market for selling lubricated and filmed mechanical keyboard switches within the community. I saw that these switches were often overpriced and decided to offer them at a more competitive price, even if it meant cutting my profits by half compared to other sellers.

Some will know me by my reddit username u/PamperSpammehs. I have a history of selling on the subreddit r/mechmarket, which is dedicated to buying, selling, and trading of mechanical keyboard goods. I have actively posted listings and have completed numerous switch modification commissions.

The name "Ikasaya" comes from a Filipino word meaning "to make glad; to make happy", reflecting my desire to bring joy to customers through the services and products offered. As a proud Filipino, I wanted to infuse my heritage into my business and create a unique brand identity that stands out from others in the market. My ultimate goal is to provide exceptional service and bring happiness to the mechanical keyboard community.