Elevate your typing with IKASAYA's keyboard accessories, designed to enhance your keyboard's functionality, aesthetics, and lifespan for gamers, typists, and programmers. Our collection includes switch openers for effortless modding, premium lubricants for smooth keystrokes, durable switch containers to organize and protect, and high-quality films to reduce wobble and increase stability. Dive into IKASAYA’s range of accessories and transform your everyday typing into an extraordinary experience, making every keystroke a statement of quality, precision, and style.


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Durock V2 Screw-In Stabilizers 6.25u - IKASAYADurock V2 Screw-In Stabilizers 7u - IKASAYA
Sale priceFrom $3.50 USD
Switch ContainerSwitch Container - IKASAYA
Sale priceFrom $4.99 USD
Acrylic Single Keyboard Stand - IKASAYAAcrylic Single Keyboard Stand - IKASAYA
Sale price$11.99 USD
Durock Foam Films
Sale price$4.99 USD
QTUO Studios Keycap Tray - IKASAYAQTUO Studios Keycap Tray - IKASAYA
Sale priceFrom $16.99 USD
Switch Fidget - IKASAYASwitch Fidget - IKASAYA
Sale price$4.99 USD
Durock HTV+PC Films
Sale price$4.99 USD
Acrylic Triple Keyboard Stand - IKASAYAAcrylic Triple Keyboard Stand - IKASAYA
Sale price$16.99 USD
Durock PCB Hotswap Sockets - IKASAYADurock PCB Hotswap Sockets - IKASAYA
Sale price$8.99 USD
Durock Switch Foam Pads
Sale price$4.99 USD