Looking for custom modifications on switches that are not currently in our stock? Look no further! Simply ask us, and we'll gladly accommodate your requests. Let us handle the customization to provide you with the perfect switches tailored to your preferences.

At IKASAYA, we provide multiple options for getting switches sent to us:

  • Option 1: We will handle the entire process. If the products you want are available from other vendors, we will purchase them on your behalf. We will then invoice you for the total cost of the products, the switch modification service, and the shipping.
  • Option 2: You can purchase the products you want from another vendor. Once you have them, we will handle the switch modification service. We will invoice you for the switch modification service and the shipping.
  • Option 3: If you already have the switches you want, you can send them directly to us. We will then take care of the switch modification service and invoice you for it, along with the shipping charges.

Choose the option that suits you best, and we'll ensure a seamless process to fulfill your switch modification needs.

We offer competitive pricing for our switch modification service:

Lube Option:

  • Service Provider Lube: $0.40 per switch
  • Customer Lube: $0.35 per switch

Film Option:

  • Service Provider Films: $0.15 per switch
  • Customer Films: $0.10 per switch

Choose the option that best fits your preferences and requirements. Our pricing ensures excellent value for the quality switch modification service we provide.

By submitting the form, you acknowledge that your order may take up to a week to be processed. If you authorize the service provider to purchase mechanical keyboard switches on your behalf, you agree to pay the cost of the switches as listed on the invoice, as well as the cost of shipping both ways. Please note that this applies to international customers as well. In the event that a package is lost or stolen, we are not responsible. To avoid any potential loss of money, we recommend requesting shipping with insurance. Due to the nature of this transaction, returns are not possible. If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us at

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