Gateron Quinn Tactile Mechanical Keyboard Switches

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The Gateron Quinn Switches blend unique tactility with a distinct sound profile. Manufactured by Gateron, these tactile switches are similar to Baby Kangaroo switches, featuring a tactile bump at the beginning of each keypress. Their full nylon housing sets them apart, offering a deep and resonant sound that enriches the typing experience. Users can expect a precise and crisp tactile feedback with each keystroke, adding a unique character to their keyboard use.
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Customer Reviews

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Nice lubing by Ikasaya

I tried 10 each of both the lubed and lubed+filmed options from Ikasaya and compared against a set of stock Quinns that I got from elsewhere. While stock Quinns are already pretty good. The hand lubing made a noticeable improvement to sound profile and smoothness. It particularly helped in addressing the ping issues of stock Quinns.

Cory C.
Do you want buttery smooth and crisp...

Hopefully I have your attention. Listen up, I'm a noob. A full blown switch noob. I like tactile switches and I took a chance and ordered the quinns. Hands down, absolutely love these switches. Super nice crips bump up top but super smooth all the way through.

Sound. Wow, they sound great! If you want that nice thocky thock audible sound then this is the switch. Soooo satisfying!! Absolutely love these switches

Ikasaya did an amazing lube and film job in every single switch. This is my go to store now.

Greg K.
Very pleased

The switches were very smooth and evenly lubed. Quickly shipped with care. Very pleased.